03/04/2024Unravel the Language of Tomorrow at Sónar+D Istanbul 2024, where creativity, Technology, and Humanity Converge
Sónar+D Istanbul, the creativity and technology platform of Sónar Istanbul, which combines music, innovation and creativity, which will be held for the 8th time on April 26-27-28 at Zorlu PSM with the contributions of 100% Music, has been announced. This year, Sónar+D Istanbul will explore the effects of artificial intelligence and technology on human beings, how they interact with large language models, how we do this through language, and how we get the results we want. Sónar+D Istanbul's program of panels, workshops, talks and workshops will be free of charge. In recent years, and in the context of the climate crisis and the rise of artificial intelligence, we have begun to pay more attention to language, to how we communicate with non-humans: be they plants or animals, or machines and machine intelligence algorithms. For example, the mycorrhizal structures that connect fungi to trees, acting as a natural internet, have recently captured the imagination of artists. When we interact with large language models - applications such as chat gpt or dall.e - we do so through language, and the choice of words is crucial to getting the results we want. The popularity of podcasting is also proof that while our society is very visual, we like to listen to the voice. A picture does not always speak louder than a thousand words. Sónar+D Istanbul 2024 invites you to explore language, all kinds of language - human and non-human - to keep our eyes closed and our ears open, so as not to miss a single detail of what the future might bring. 
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