William BasinskiMusic
Friday 2600:45 - 01:45
SonarHall by Converse by Converse
Experimental composer, sound sculptor, and video artist Willam Basinski is coming to Sónar Istanbul 2024!

William Basinski is a relentless experimentalist. His musical signature is evidenced by deeply emotional sounds filled with multiple tones, drones, textures, and shades that are as hauntingly beautiful as they are somber. Basinski, a Texan, is a classically trained musician but is best known for his four-volume album “The Disintegration Loops” (2002–2003), constructed from rapidly decaying twenty-year-old tapes of his earlier music. His work pace is intense, as he constantly produces and releases new albums. With a career that expands over thirty years, Basinski music transcends traditional boundaries and elevates the audience.