Studio Kodek Sónar+D AV Performance
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Friday 2600:30 - 01:00
SonarScreen by Converse by Converse
REPLICA by Studio Kodek + agarbatti

REPLICA by Studio Kodek + agarbatti seeks to explore how geological formations and organic processes influence the creation and perception of digital elements and contrarily, how digital dialect can reshape our understanding and experience of the natural world as we know it.

Studio Kodek is 4 artists collectively working together and currently based in Berlin, Bangkok and İzmir. Their core motivation is driven by exploring the limits of audience and space, finding a route to intertwine these elements with utilizing spatial design techniques and different technological mediums and sensors. Studio’s creative process embodies a motivation for experimentation and discovery. 


REPLICA was created in collaboration with agarbatti, two Berlin-based artists, JUANA & ioi for the sound design. agarbatti is a culmination of sonic experiences drawn over and on the existing plains of aural experiments carried out by JUANA and ioi. Like the fleeting smoke of an incense(agarbatti) the essence of the experience of this project’s existence tends to linger. This musical act is a distraction from the overall act simplified experimentation on the brink of non-conformity by using unnecessarily complicated methods of communicating a message!