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Sunday 2821:15 - 22:25
SonarClub by %100 Müzik by %100 Music
A uniquely physical and emotional performer Sevdaliza is coming to Sónar Istanbul 2024!

Iranian-born singer, songwriter, director and composer Sevdaliza has always blazed her own path. She blends disparate influences - trip-hop, r&b, punk, club sounds, and even classical music - and has self-released all of her work, starting with her debut album ISON in 2017. She’s also not afraid of making a statement: the cover of her second album, Shabrang, showed her sporting a black eye and found her tackling trauma, violence and emotional turbulence. 2022’s Raving Dahlia EP (named after her daughter) explored the unrealistic expectations that society places on women, and was preceded by a campaign featuring a self-designed ‘fembot’ and a series of self-directed short films. Sevdaliza is coming to Sónar Istanbul 2024 with a physical and emotional live show that will take the audience’s breath away.