Samet Günal b2b NONMusic
Friday 2619:00 - 20:20
SonarClub by %100 Müzik by %100 Music
Samet Günsal b2b NON, a Dynamic Duo, to take the stage at Sónar Istanbul!

Samet Günal and NON are set to grace the stage at Sónar Istanbul 2024 with their mesmerizing b2b sets. The inspiring nature of music, which Samet Günal encountered in his childhood, deeply influenced, and enchanted him. Known for his profound dedication to electronic music, Günal will offer the audience an unforgettable experience with his dynamic transitions and energy-filled sets.

NON, embarking on his music career in 2016, shapes his performances with selections spanning house, deep house, afro house, and indie genres. Having shared the stage with global names such as Kerala Dust, Damian Lazarus, Acid Pauli, Kadebostany, Rampue, Birds of Mind, and many more, NON, alongside Samet Günal, will deliver b2b sets at Sónar Istanbul!