PSYCHOFLAGE by Mónica RikićSónar+D Installation
2024-IST_ MónicaRikić_FichaWeb.png
Friday 2618:00 - 23:45
Lounge+D by Converse by Converse
A metaphor for breathing, slow and relaxed.

Electronic artist and creative coder, Mónica Rikić’s artistic practice lies in the development of alternative technologies through creative coding and electronics. She merges technology and philosophy through art, creating technological artifacts far from the need of any functionality or productivity, for the sake of building critical devices that trigger collective thinking and discussion.


Psychoflage is a large-format multisensory installation that will transform the exhibition space into a world of dreams and psychedelic fantasy. It consists of devices, interconnected through an internal network that allows them to coordinate, generate various movements when inflating and deflating, giving the sensation of organic breathing. 


Psychoflage proposes an alternative way of connecting with cognitive technologies. Instead of presenting an imagery dominated by metaphors of productivity, speed, and competitiveness commonly associated with these technologies, the piece invites us to approach them in a calm and relaxed manner, offering an experience akin to spirituality. The slow and breathing effects offered by the modules allude to activities of meditation and relaxation.