Espectres by PlaymodesSónar+D Installation
Friday 2618:00 - 21:45
SonarScreen by Converse by Converse
ppff – acronym for the musical notation pianissimo – fortissimo, is a generative visual music installation.

Playmodes is a tandem of digital artisans.


Santi Vilanova and Eloi Maduell, taught in the fields of graphic design, musical composition and computer engineering, conceive works halfway between art, science and audiovisual research.


The main element of this installation is a grand piano which, as if played by a ghost, strike its keys in response to a cascade of procedural abstract geometries displayed on a large-scale LED screen.


These graphic scores, created in real time, are generative in nature: the inherent randomness in the system make that the resulting visual results -and its sonification- are never repeated, giving birth to an infinite sequence of original audiovisual artworks which explore different kinds of expressive, conceptual, or harmonic ideas; from atonal and indetermined music, to modal or rhythmic.