Ögem YılmazMusic
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Friday 2618:00 - 20:00
SonarVillage by All Mega by All Mega
Ögem Yılmaz is at Sónar Istanbul with his endless energy.

Ogem Yilmaz started her career as a DJ in Flavio and currently she’s key figure of electronic music industry of Istanbul and Sumagiller. She has participated in many projects like Wake Up Call and Sumabeach. The crowd not only love her sets but also fell in love with her colorful personality. She shared the stage with notable DJ's such as Roman Flugel, Mayan Nidam, Sonja Moonear, Magda, Rolando… Her sets include many different genres likes Acid House, Indie Dance, Techno and Old School House. Ogem Yilmaz has an endless energy and you can feel it in her music!