Friday 2620:00 - 22:00
SonarVillage by All Mega by All Mega
Blending techno with reality, Numeric invites you to sonic journeys at Sónar Istanbul!

Numeric, blending techno with authenticity, emerges from the dynamic realm of electronic beats. Beyond the roles of DJ and producer, Numeric is a storyteller currently navigating the world of Sonic Arts academia in pursuit of a Master's degree.

Crafting beats brimming with life, Numeric extends a straightforward invitation to join a journey through sound. It's not about flashy virtuosity; it's an unapologetic passion for music that resonates, moving both body and soul.

From the depths of underground beats to the structured halls of academia, Numeric seamlessly weaves a narrative that taps into the heart of electronic music. Each track serves as a chapter, and every performance etches an enduring mark on the dancefloor.