Marcel Dettmann (live)Music
Friday 2622:15 - 23:15
SonarClub by %100 Müzik by %100 Music
One of the most prestigious DJs of the Berlin club scene, Marcel Dettmann, will be at Sónar Istanbul in 2024!

Dettmann possesses an extensive knowledge of techno's history. His loud, intense DJ sets not only showcase the genre's Detroit and Chicago roots but also highlight the work of his peers and labelmates. His own tracks are characterized by a stripped-down and atmospheric quality, with an ability to seamlessly incorporate straightforward bangers. Dettmann's journey into techno started in the mid-'90s when he began selling records from home due to the absence of electronic music shops in his hometown. His entry into the Berlin club scene was marked by frequenting renowned venues such as Tresor and E-Werk. Shortly thereafter, he secured a resident DJing position at the iconic Berghain. With his hard-driving mix sessions and his subtly inventive original productions, Marcel Dettmann will transport the audience to a night in Berlin.