Let’s Get Fashionably PhygitalSónar+D Panel
Sunday 2814:30 - 15:30
Lounge+D by Converse by Converse
Let’s Get Fashionably Phygital: New Ways of Converging Fashion, Arts & Technology

In the rapidly evolving landscape of creativity, the concept of a "Phygital mindset" emerges as a transformative force. Blurring the lines between the physical and digital realms, this mindset fosters a holistic approach to innovation, where traditional craftsmanship intertwines with cutting-edge technology. By embracing the phygital mindset, creators and industry leaders aim to reinvent consumer experiences, streamline production processes, and unlock new realms of possibility. Through this panel, we delve into the intersection of creativity and technology, exploring how the fusion of physical and digital elements is reshaping the creative landscape and inspiring novel approaches to design, marketing, and storytelling.


Panel Curator & Moderator:

Bediz Yıldırım (Bediz Co. Founder & Lecturer: Istanbul Fashion Academy & Mentor & Ex Vogue + GQ Projects Director)



Kerim Dündar (Assoc. Prof.Dr. & Artist and Academician) 

Yasin Arıbuga (Afterwork Founder & 3D Artist +VFX)

Duygu Bengi (Founder of Based Istanbul & @BI Creative & Talent Based Co.