Karakter x Kerim Dündar (Live / AV)Sónar+D AV Performance
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Sunday 2821:15 - 22:00
SonarHall by Converse by Converse
Karakter x Kerim Dündar will create a systematic combination of musical ideas and algorithmic design techniques at SonarHall.

The audio-visual performance collaboration is inspired by ethno-futuristic atmospheres and vibrations. Karakter combines free-form rhythms and synthetic sound experiments in his electronic live composition. Kerim Dündar brings the sonic ambiance to life with his ethno-futuristic visual language, aiming to foresee the digital culture of future life.


The performance will be the duo's first attempt to create a systematic way of connecting music to ideas with algorithmic morphogenesis design techniques, which makes their highly original synthesis possible.