Hyenah Live AV: 'Different Dimensions'Music
Friday 2623:30 - 01:00
SonarLab by CUPRA by Cupra
Hyenah, the artist, producer and DJ without a face, is coming to Sónar Istanbul 2024!

Hyenah manifesto declares, “What we all have to offer is what is important. Our positive vibes, our warmth, our respect for each other, our love. Right here and right now.” It’s not about The Hyenah’s face. It’s about all of us. Maintaining an ongoing air of mystery, The Hyenah always conceals its identity behind a distinctive mask. There is more to know, however. The Hyenah is spearheading the sole recurring club night dedicated to African House music in a prominent European house club – RISE. This vibrant event takes place bi-monthly at Watergate in Berlin. With a global DJing footprint, The Hyenah has graced stages worldwide.