Henrik SchwarzMusic
Friday 2620:30 - 22:00
SonarClub by %100 Müzik by %100 Music
German house scene veteran Henrik Schwarz is coming to Sónar Istanbul 2024!

Hailing from the southern part of Germany, Bodensee, Henrik Schwarz is a long-time veteran in the German deep house scene. Djing was his first love, having built a reputation at major events in the early nineties. But a desire to breach musical and technological boundaries pushed Henrik into production and soon his live laptop sessions were born. Today he takes his live sets and nine years of production experience to crowds worldwide.


Schwarz never saw being a DJ as the goal, more a necessary step: it was the music that interested him. DJing was simply the closest he could get to it. “I always wanted to make my own music, that’s something I was always sure about” says Schwarz. “But for some reason I never learned an instrument. DJing was just me trying to get as close as possible to the music I loved”. Often this involved long drives to bigger towns and even into Switzerland to find the UK and US imports that made up a lot of his early, hip-hop leaning tastes.


Now Henrik Schwarz will be making his way to Istanbul, Zorlu PSM on April 26th!