Geometric Patterns with Creative Coding WorkshopSónar+D Workshop
Saturday 2713:00 - 15:30
Space+D by Converse by Converse
"Geometric Patterns with Creative Coding Workshop" by Selçuk Artut will be held at Sónar+D Istanbul.

Participants within the scope of the "Geometric Patterns with Creative Coding Workshop" will first draw the geometric patterns by hand with the help of compasses and rulers and later render them on a computer screen through the use of creative coding. In this workshop, where coding is treated as a creative element, it is aimed to remediate various traditionally existing geometric motifs with creative coding methods. Registrations can be made via


Number of participants: limited to 15 people.


Materials that participants should bring: Personal Computers


Materials that the Workshop Facilitator will bring: Workshop Prints


Materials to be provided by the venue: Compasses and ruler sets, pencils, erasers, A4 paper.