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Friday 2623:30 - 01:30
SonarClub by %100 Müzik by %100 Music
Two generations of Berlin rave meet in the booth

Ellen Allien 


West Berliner DJ and producer Ellen Allien was highly active as a DJ and producer of minimal acid techno tracks since the early '90s but she made her breakthrough with full-length albums such as 2003's “Berlinette” and 2005's “Thrills.” She was first exposed to electronic music via the acid house scene in London and started DJing in Berlin clubs afterwards. Ellen’s eternally creative mind has led to the production of ten albums, to join her extensive back catalogue of singles, EPs and remix work. In 2023 she celebrated the 20th Anniversary of her seminal album “Stadtkind” and her most recent album “AurAA” delivered emotional techno resonating far beyond the dancefloor.

Nene H


Nene H was born in Istanbul. Grew up in Izmir. Studied piano and composition in Ankara, Tel Aviv and Stuttgart. She now resides in Berlin, making drone oriental industrial - psychedelic vocal techno. In the ten years since relocating to Berlin, the Turkish-born DJ has become a powerhouse of the city’s evolving underground identity. Her transcendental sets are the result of an all-consuming infatuation with music, built upon the foundations of the Azerbaijani and Turkish sounds she grew up on, and filtered through the prodigal prowess for classical piano she honed at Stuttgart’s State Conservatory. Her music may be unpredictable, but one thing is for certain: With every venture she sets her mind to, Nene H is invigorating the underground with energetic optimism.