DR3FULASónar+D AV Performance
Saturday 2721:30 - 22:15
SonarScreen by Converse by Converse
A Giant Leap is a performance that explores the humankind’s dream of going to the Moon. With visuals shaped by sound, it constructs an audiovisual experience between dream and reality.

Throughout the performance, heartbeats of varying intensities draw the audience into a rhythm. This rhythm experience occasionally includes radio conversations from the Apollo 11 mission, giving the app a real-time push button feel.


However, the climax of A Giant Leap is realized with a 3D mnemonic data sculpture that is generated in real time with data taken from radio recordings of the iconic words spoken by Neil Armstrong when he first stepped on the Moon during the Apollo 11 mission. This sculpture offers a sense of permanence for a sonic memory which is often thought as an ephemeral entity.