BODIES AND SUBWOOFERS (B.A.S.) by Stefanie EgedySónar+D Installation
Friday 2618:00 - 23:45
Lounge+D by Converse by Converse
Discover the impact of low frequency sound.

Stefanie Egedy investigates sound as a composer of conceptual pieces, commissioned works, and experimental electronic music. Focused on researching possibilities with low-frequency sound, bodies, and subwoofers, her work stems from installations to live performances as sonic propositions - building a body of work called BODIES AND SUBWOOFERS (B.A.S.). 


Sub-bass, bass, infrasound, subwoofers, and their therapeutic effects along with their capacity to make themselves present in a space, are the foundations of her artistic practice– alongside possibilities of interaction between human/architectural bodies and sound waves, using field recordings, analog- and digital synthesis. Besieged by this scenario, Egedy articulates the cross-over between sonorous and musical language to investigate sonic communication between beings.


Stefanie Egedy has worked with- and exhibited in contexts such as CTM Festival, Berghain, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Tresor, Radialsystem, The Fairest at Trauma Bar in Berlin; Harvard University (USA), The High Line (NYC), Kunstfest (Weimar), Zentrale (Viena), Nextones Festival (Italy), Patchlab Festival (Krakow), Museu de Arte Moderno (Buenos Aires), in São Paulo at MIS – Museu da Imagem e do Som and Mamba Negra party and Festival Novas Frequências (Rio de Janeiro) and is part of the European Commission’s Creative Europe-supported SHAPE+ artist roster. Egedy is now bringing her work to Sónar Istanbul 2024.




26.04.2024 Friday 


20:45 / 21:45 / 22:45 / BODIES AND SUBWOOFERS (B.A.S.): Welcome 30 Hz Version



27.04.2024 Saturday 


14:00 / 15:45 - BODIES AND SUBWOOFERS (B.A.S.): Full Activation 

20:45 / 21:45 / 22:45 - BODIES AND SUBWOOFERS (B.A.S.): Welcome 30 Hz Version



28.04.2024 Sunday 


14:00 / 15:45 - BODIES AND SUBWOOFERS (B.A.S.): Full Activation

18:45 / 19:45 / 20:45 - BODIES AND SUBWOOFERS (B.A.S.): Welcome 30 Hz Version