Algorave Istanbul / Live Coding: CetrionSónar+D AV Performance
2024-IST_Algorave Istanbul-Live Coding_FichaWeb.png
Sunday 2823:30 - 00:00
SonarScreen by Converse by Converse
Baramuk w/ BAK, Cetrion w/ Roun and Fat w/ Ordinaire X will participate in event that will be spread over all three days of Sónar Istanbul 2024.

Algorave is an event where people dance to music generated from algorithms, often using live coding techniques. Alex McLean of Slub and Nick Collins coined the word "Algorave" in 2011 and the first event with that name was held in London, UK. Since then, Algoraves around the world have become a movement. Algorave Istanbul is an organization of musicians, visual artists, researchers, tech enthusiasts and people interested in creative coding, aiming to practice and popularize creative production through live coding.


Cetrion w/ Roun: 

Cetrion dives deep into sonic storytelling, creating complex stories through dark ambient, synth wave, and experimental soundscapes. Together with Roun, they create their own style of sensory narrative by blending visuals with music to create impressive experiences that break away from traditional artistic boundaries.