2manydjs b2b TigaMusic
Sunday 2822:40 - 00:10
SonarClub by %100 Müzik by %100 Music
The dichotomy between 2manydjs and Tiga will create a unique musical experience on April 28 as the two parties come together once more at Sónar Istanbul!

The Dewaele Brothers have made their career out of never standing still for too long. It’s why no 2manydjs set is ever the same, but even by their standards, this one promise to be especially memorable. They are masters in blending the finest products of music history together into a catchy, hilarious and -above all- intriguing groove exploration. There’s much more to the two brothers than meets the eye. From prog-rock to funky r&b, from trendy hiptrop to banging German techno, if it makes you feel like dancing, the Dewaele brothers have it in their record collection. After sharing the stage at Sónar Lisboa in 2023, 2manydj’s and Tiga will once again come together in Sónar Istanbul 2024.


Canadian musician, DJ and record producer Tiga and few friends started throwing small parties and street promotions in Montreal that evolved into a cult following which had a snowball effect in the creation of the dance scene at the time. The core engine pushing Tiga forward is ambition. It’s there, everywhere: at the dials in any given club in any given city in any given country on any given weekend. Self-aware, well-moderated, yet totally unrepentant ambition.