MarketLab: "Hearing The Portrait" by Ozan Tezvaran

  • Cumartesi 07 10:00 - 20:30

    +D Lounge by Digilogue

Hearing the Portrait project aims to bend the boundaries between visual and aural formats and show that there is a limit to our perception but that human beings can find new ways to express senses. Thus, to create an example for “between senses experience”, digital portraits will be converted into sound waves by using Spectrogram view as part of the project.

Ozan Tezvaran

Tezvaran was born in Yalova in 1996. After graduating from the Istanbul Social Sciences High School, he did his foundation studies in the Department of Photography and Video at Bahçeşehir University between 2015-2016 and in the Department Psychology at Girne American University between 2016-2017. After his foundation studies, he started to study Visual Communication Design at Bahçeşehir University in 2017.
He started taking photos and making short videos in 2010, aiming to create limitless concepts, a fusion of all kinds of media. This is why in 2013, he also decided to work on music to provide a brighter perspective for his artworks. Since then, he keeps experimenting with photography, filmmaking, DJ’ing, and music journalism to enhance his skills.