The spirit of the Warsaw, Berlin and London scenes in one body

Martyana Maja, also known as VTSS, is a Polish DJ who has been producing successively with Ninja Tune label Technicolor. Rising day by day in the electronic music scene with the stage name VTSS, she had a very productive year 2022, although she modestly introduced herself as "not necessarily a techno music DJ" on digital content platforms.
London-based Polish producer and DJ VTSS has signaled that she started to change her shell by returning to experimental roots with "Projections",  despite being known for hard techno DJ sets in recent years. She described “Projecitoins” qua "the beginning of a new chapter in her musical journey that includes all locked archives, dreams and visions". VTSS, whose EP titled “Circulus Vitiosus”, released in in the past months, brings her bold, party-igniting techno sound to Sónar Istanbul 2023.