Volkan Gündüz


Volkan Gunduz, who has a well-deserved reputation as one of the key actors of dance music in Turkey, is known for his DJ and producer identity and many successful brands he has founded. In addition to the successful events bearing his signature, Volkan Gunduz also spends long hours in the studio and is well-loved for his fast-paced sets and powerful tracks.
Having lived a life intertwined with music in every aspect for a long time, Gunduz’s interaction with music lovers, both from behind the decks, through his sets or tracks, and as an organizer, makes him embrace his work even more passionately.
As stated by himself, “I love this job because the people get entranced by the music I make. It is an enormous pleasure for me to create a new world for them, even for a short time. It is a kind of an interactive relation and a deep communication.” Putting the 'deep and special bond' with his audience at the foundation of his music, Volkan Gunduz continues to keep the rave culture alive in Turkey with his performances and events.