Body and mind

Few artists know how to move with as much inteligence and talent across the frontiers of dance, techno and abstract electronics as Objekt. The Berlin-based DJ and producer shifts with ease between cold atmospherics and house beats without either strand contradicting the other. On the contrary: everything he does has a meaning and brings coherence to a discography that while relatively short, doesn't waste a single minute. The English producer is also a well-respected DJ in whose hands, techno becomes a mutant and flexible language, performing transitions like a tailor who always knows where and how to make the right cut.

Objekt is TJ Hertz, a producer and DJ living in Berlin. Born in Tokyo to British-American and Filipino parents, Hertz grew up in Belgium and the UK before settling in Berlin in 2009. He first became known for head-turning club records, beginning with the self-released stamped whitelabel 12”s Objekt #1 and #2 in 2011, and following these up with a remix for Radiohead and releases on influential dance music labels such as Hessle Audio.
The whitelabel Objekt #4, released in 2017, delivered a huge crossover hit in the form of breakbeat house anthem “Theme From Q”. Objekt #5, released in 2022, is his slowest – and perhaps fiercest – 12” to date, exploring dancehall rhythms and sonics with his trademark originality.