Lyra Pramuk - Echoluminescence

A new high-flying live show

It’s would be easy to describe Lyra Pramuk’s music by focusing entirely on her incredible voice, a “non-gendered or non-binary instrument”, with a mindbending range. But that would be to overlook her prowess as a composer. Her radical arrangements suggest multiplicities - a choir, or an orchestra - created both entirely from and within herself. Her 2020 debut album “Fountain” was startling, a mixture of glacial, alien textures and emotional warmth that drew comparisons to her childhood heroine Björk; as well as the stripped down experiments of Arthur Russell and the futuristic minimalism of Missy Elliott. For Sónar Istanbul, she’ll perform a live show specially developing lighting and scenography intriguingly entitled “Echoluminescence”. Prepare for it to take your breath away.