İpek İpekçioğlu


She is one of the hottest DJ’s of the Berlin club scene and as internationally known Queen of “Eklektik Berlinistan” not in vain titeled as the "MC of cross-cultural understanding"(Daniel Bax - TAZ).

Based between Berlin and Istanbul, queer-living DJ, producer and curator, DJ İpek İpekçioğlu has an established reputation across nightlife scenes worldwide. She has performed her music at international electronic and world music festivals. Ipek has been creating a buzz amongst international crowds from New York City, Tokyo, Beirut, Erbil, Yerevan, Istanbul, Montreal, Novosibirsk to the desert Sahara of Mali, developing an exclusive brand name with her unique & hybrid Soundmix and she regarded is one of the most popular DJ of the Berlin club scene and internationally as known as Queen of Eklektik BerlinIstan.

In her musical spectrum, psychedelic turkish funk meets disco, balkanfolk to minimal, Anatolian folk to deep house, Armenian halay to electro, turkish tango to break beat, bhangra to moombahton, kurdish gowend drmn’s Bass, from dabke to reaggaton, albanian folk to twerk, iranian bandari to techno. Her EthnikFolkElektronikMix is free of conventionality, and it refuses to be limited by style, tempo or genres.

Her „Eklektik BerlinIstan“ sets provide surprising breaks to the steady course of club music today. Inspired by her passion for ethnic music and genre-hopping dance beats, Ipek spins tunes from Turkey, Middle East, Anatolia (Mesopotamia) and Balkans.

At her „electronic only’’ sets, Ipek takes you into deep-house, tech-house, minimal and techno spiced up with ethnic - folk tunes, fuelled by kicking beats and dramatic basslines.and she creates live-remixes.