GOOSE formed two decades ago, but they still sound as fresh as ever. A group whose incredible achievements place them at the forefront of the crossover between electronic music and rock, the Belgian four-piece have found renewal by returning home and focussing on the bonds that keep them in place. New album ‘Endless’ is a punchy, dynamic project, packed with energy and emotion, one that finds GOOSE utilising everything they’ve learned in order to fully realise everything they’ve yet to obtain.
Four musicians operating on the same wavelength, ‘Endless’ has its roots in the raw independence that drives GOOSE. Having released hugely successful material on iconic labels such as Skint Records and the deeply influential !k7 they’ve opted to embrace their freedom and take the independent route via their own Safari Records imprint. The label shares the same name as the band’s Safari studios in their hometown Kortrijk, a hub for free-wheeling experimentation, and a place for GOOSE to do what they do best. 
The decision to include an outside perspective could be what makes ‘Endless’ such a powerful record. Each note is sharpened, each effect magnified, with Victor le Masne tasked with pushing GOOSE to the next level.