Gaia Ekho


She started her music education in 2007 in the music department of high school. More undergraduate and graduate educations were also on music. Gaia Ekho, who chose cello and piano as majors, became interested in electron!c music during her education years. Later, she chose to combine her academic classical music education with electronic music backgrounds and to make a career in this field as a way for herself. After winning the Housekeeper Podcast Contest in 2021, she became the instructor of music theory and harmony classes under the umbrella of FG DJ School. Later, she met with her listeners every week with a generation called Natura Sessions at Lounge FM.
With her educated talent and unique stance in the world of electronic music, she began to receive demand from Turkey's most important festivals and clubs and to exhibit her performances. Meanwhile, by adding keyboards, vocals and cello to her DJ performance, she added another dimension to her music.
Continuing her productions without interruption, Gaia is preparing to present 3 different tracks to her audience from different record companies in 2022. She still prepares students in the field of classical music, piano and cello for the London Music Academy, and continues her own production and stage works.