Evrim de Evrim b2b Procombo

Evrim de Evrim
Evrim de Evrim, one of the most important figures of the Istanbul dance scene, started sharing her favorite recordings in 2009 with the DearHead project. She represented DearHead, which is indispensable for many nightclubs and festivals, at numerous parties during her time in Berlin. She proved her open-minded character to new musical visions with projects that combined her production education with her creative impulses at the same time. Apart from Berlin, she did not neglect to pamper the big dance floors with her performances at the most important music stops in Europe such as Amsterdam, Rome and Zurich.

Se brought new trends, talents and more to Istanbul nightlife as the person and resident DJ. Her artistic contribution to the geography she lives in still continues.

Procombo, who started her DJ career in 1998 by owning the techno slot in the Dance Department generation of Radio 2019, the legendary radio of the time, started to take part in festivals frequently with the explosion of electronic music in the 2000s.

After becoming the first Turkish Producer / DJ to be selected to RBMA in 2002, her career accelerated rapidly, and her participation in FG 93.7 included numerous club performances in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, along with large-scale festivals.