Duality by Dirgen & Karisman


Dirgen is a new media artist with a background in visual design, light and music. He makes connections between different mediums and creates new experiences. Dirgen focused on audio and visual, producing live performances and installations.

Karisman creates algorithmic collages to make assumptions about the perception of analog and virtual, past and future, realistic and surreal. He sees every accessible technology as a natural instrument and a source of inspiration.
“We demonstrate how the concept of duality is critical to understanding the origins and evolution of existence through a combination of engaging audio and visuals.
We explore the ways in which duality can provide insight into the complex relationships that exist between individuals and society, and how it can help us better understand our place in the world.
It is the concept that forces or ideas can coexist and can be seen in different forms.
We tell the story of ours and everyone else’s.”