David August DJ set


David August is an Italo-German composer, label owner, pianist and mixing engineer, currently based between Germany and Italy. Graduated from the Tonmeister program at Universität of Arts Berlin in 2017, he has been active in the electronic music field since 2010, releasing 3 LPs and multiple EPs and remixes. August has also collaborated with the Deutsches Symphonie Orchester Berlin, a composition for 60 musicians and electronics.
Founding the label 99CHANTS in 2018 – he started to work as curator, co-producer and mixing engineer for the artists around his diverse imprint, signing artists such as post-minimalist composer Bunita Marcus or the likes of Lena Platonos, Rabih Beaini and Ron Trent. In 2021 he curated a 12 month residency at Palestinian based Radio Alhara inviting guests such as Suzanne Ciani, Donato Dozzy, KMRU, Jana Saleh, SSIEGE, Marta de Pascalis and more. In 2022 99CHANTS released Aurōra, a solar panel instrument and design object for modular synthesizers. Later this year, a non-profit compilation including Yu Su, KMRU, Kareem Lotfy, Hadj Sameer and more will close the labels' output for 2022. David will be contributing with two side-projects, Aşa (w/ jazz-noise vocalist Cansu Tanrikulu) and Madrā (w/ Carnatic vocalist Sushma Soma).
Since 2020, August has started to revaluate and develop his language by going silently through introspection, musical experiments while questioning the relevance and role of music in times of global crisis. To understand the world around us better, August explored a dialogue between ancient philosophy, middle-eastern mysticism and quantum physics as source of inspiration for a musical context that envisioned movement and imagination as leading forces. Instead of being the protagonist, the result aims to see the composer as an observer of the world around him. Is it possible to get in tune with the unexplainable through sound, in a world where language has been the leading tool to define what we perceive?
Focusing simultaneously on multi-disciplinary projects and co-productions as well as new collaborative works, his commitment to the environment and the conscious use of sound and productivity has become existential for his creative output. The concept that “everything is becoming and never is” (Plato) has profoundly formed his current research, manifesting in new compositions which will see the light in 2023.