Redefined his sound and perfected his craft

One of the most notable electronic producers of the 2010s and beyond, Blawan has consistently redefined his sound and perfected his craft. ,

Seemingly rising from nowhere, South Yorkshire, U.K.-born producer and DJ Jamie Roberts, aka Blawan, first came to prominence with his 2010 debut release Fram on the forward-thinking dubstep label  Hessle Audio.
Emerging from the post-dubstep scene at the beginning of the decade, he achieved early success with releases on labels like Hessle Audio and R&S, as well as 2011's "Getting Me Down," a white label remix of a Brandy hit. He then switched to a highly intense, gritty brand of techno, growing darker and more sinister with each release. His hair-raising 2012 track "Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage" achieved popularity beyond the dance music sphere, and Blawan was regarded as one of the leaders of the industrial techno revival. Following a brief hiatus, Blawan returned in 2015 with his own label, Ternesc, and a focus on modular synthesizers. Following several EPs, each of which sounded different from the last, he released his full-length debut, Wet Will Always Dry, in 2018. He continued working with Pariah under the duo name Karenn, releasing the full-length Grapefruit Regret.