Red Axes Live

Garzen Records / IR

  • Friday 18 20:00 - 21:20

    Sónar by Night - SonarClub %100 Music

Red Axes, which Niv Arzi and Dori Sadovnik have polished together for more than 10 years, pursues far from boring productions that blend dance music with post-punk, new wave, African rhythms and psychedelia. Before this project, the duo, who played together in a post-punk band called Red Cotton, did not forget their intense 80s new wave-influenced past with Red Axes, went to the synthesizers and turned their faces to the dance floor.

The group always underlines that Tel Aviv's 80s punk and electronic music scene is very nourishing among the interactions that guide their creations.

Red Axes will start an irresistible dance party from the Sónar Istanbul stage with its dynamic set that intertwines post-punk, house and disco.