Sónar+D Istanbul

Panel: ''Sürdürülebilir NFT'' // ''Sustainable NFT''

“As the influence of NFTs, which has become one of the mainstream topics, has expanded, the topics discussed have also increased. In addition to the ecological effects of cryptocurrencies, the sustainability of NFTs using blockchains is also of great importance. The issue will be discussed in the panel where important names who will look at the issue from different perspectives will come together. The panel will be held with the participation of; Utku Güven, one of the co-founders of the podcast series dealing with the climate crisis and with his special interest in NFT, Devrim Danyal, who provides training and consultancy services on new technologies and topics such as NFT and token economy, Itır Erhart, who is sustainability and community service advisor to the rector from Bilgi University, audio-visual artist and musician Kerim Safa who produces in the field of crypto art, graphic designer Birol Bayram who has been drawing from the very beginning of his life he can remember, and illustrator Simay Bahçıvan with colorful drawings collaborating with local and foreign brands.

- Utku Güven (Esmiyor Podcast) (Moderator)
- Kerim Safa (Online)
- Devrim Danyal
- Itır Erhart
- Birol Bayram
- Simay Bahçıvan