Sónar+D Istanbul

Panel: 'Metaverse ve Gaming'' // ''Metaverse and Gaming''

“One of the rapidly growing markets ‘’Metaverse and Gaming’’ have been discussed from various aspects. This time, the subject will be discussed with the help of participants from different fields such as scientists and philosophers as well as the industry people.  Panel participants are Huobi Global research manager Beste Naz Süllü, who conveys her analyzes to large audiences; Güven Çatak, architect and game design lecturer, founder of Bahçeşehir University Game Lab; English Literature doctor, writer Kaya Genç; composer, new media artist and software developer Mehmet Ünal; Pelin Dilara Çolak, who conveys her philosophy background to the masses with questions she asks on different topics through her youtube channel ''Dilozof''; and Tuğçe İçözü who is the content producer of Webrazzi for the topics Metaverse, NFT virtual reality, digital art and augmented reality.''