Sónar+D Istanbul

Panel: 'Kamusal Alan ve Teknoloji ''Sosyal İyilik'' // ''Public Space and Technology ''Social Good''

‘’In the digital era, streets and public spaces have inevitably become technology-integrated design spaces. The fact that these places are accessible to everyone, makes giving a social message easy. It also accelerates the creation of collective awareness for social benefit. In this context, it has a very strong influence. The importance of the subject and its future possibilities  will be discussed in the panel where the leading names in this field come together. The participants are; Refik Anadol, one of the leading names in this field both in the country and globally, Seçkin Pirim who is an award-winning sculptor and known for his Louis Vuitton façade design, Melike Altınışık who explores the boundaries of architecture via computer based design and recently we see her work ''Echo'' on the streets of Beyoğlu, brand new and exciting public project Hope Alkazar's director Bahar Türkay, Robin Yayla who offers new interpretations with digital interventions with his approach to public spaces and iconic structures globally, and Süleyman Yılmaz, one of the founders of Awesome Bros, who let everyone to experience digital art with 3D mapping of Galata Tower.''

- Refik Anadol (Online)
- Melike Altınışık
- Bahar Türkay
- Seçkin Pirim
- Robin Yayla
- Süleyman Yılmaz