Sónar+D Istanbul

Panel: 'Immersive sinema'' // ''Immersive Cinema''

“As immersive experiences have become a natural part of daily life, the experiences in movie theaters that are more familiar to everyone will be reconsidered. The panel will focus on the effects of technologies such as imax and 4dx, that immerse the audience. Those technologies have existed for years and let audiences experience the movies. In the panel, important names who can approach the subject from different perspectives will come together. The panel participants are Gökhan Yücel, who believes that creativity is transcendent and produces in different fields with a multi-disciplinary approach, Haktan Kaan İçel, whose articles on cinema have been published in various magazines and won various awards with his short films, Müge Turan, Film Curator of the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, director Ceylan Özgün Özçelik, whose films have been screened in more than a hundred festivals.''

- Gökhan Yücel
- Haktan Kaan İçel
- Müge Turan (Istanbul Museum of Modern Art) (Moderator)
- Ceylan Özgün Özçelik