Sónar+D Istanbul

Panel: 'Daha kaç kez iklim krizini konuşmamız gerekecek?'' // ''How many times will we have to talk about climate crisis?''

“Countless speeches, actions and events were held on the climate crisis, which is perhaps the most important issue of our age. Despite all this collective effort, the change still hasn't reached where it should be. So how many times will we have to talk about the climate crisis so that everyone can take action on this vital issue? We will talk as much as necessary and with this panel, we will be one step closer to the goal. Alper Güven, a member of İmece team with his passion for innovation and impact entrepreneurship; with her work "Fridays for Future Turkey" and "If the World is Home and On Fire" musician Banu Kanıbelli; co-founder of 1.5 degree blog, young environment and science activist Duru Barbak; Esra Özkan, whom we know with her communication with interdisciplinary artists/technology experts who deal with the political and social problems caused by developing technologies; the founder of Climate Newspaper, journalist Merve Kara Kaşka;  Mustafa Özer, who is the director of İmece to support mechanisms that develop innovative solutions to global problems; Nil Ertürk, who started the Lokal Hareket initiative in order to raise awareness and draw attention to the local economy and support to local brands, will come together at this panel and make another contribution to the solving climate crisis target''

- Alper Güven (arkhe)
- Duru Barbak (1.5 derece)
- Banu Kanıbelli
- Nil Ertürk (lokal hareket)
- Esra Özkan (DasDas) (Moderator)
- Merve Kara Kaşka (iklim Gazetesi)
- Mustafa Özer (imece)