Honey Dijon

Classic / US

  • Friday 18 21:30 - 22:30

    Sónar by Night - SonarClub %100 Music

Miss Honey Dijon had carved a distinct niche for herself in the world of underground electronic music,coming to be associated with exquisitely curated cross-genre sets and total dance-floor chaos wherever she plays - from Berghain to Space or Smart Bar. As a producer, her reputation for bringing this knowledge to her forward thinking creations is growing all the time.
This signature sound can be heard all over her much lauded mixes for various online, yet it’s in the flesh where her power is really revealed. Her blending of the bump of Chicago with more classic New York sounds and various European influences (Honey splits her time between New York and Berlin), her sets are known for their strong programming, passion and integrity. The art of the mix itself is also very important to Honey as anyone who has witnessed her play can testify her subtle mixing skills and the deft, almost sensuous transitions between house and techno deliver awarm, hypnotic vibe within her sets.