Âme b2b Dixon


  • Saturday 19 23:15 - 23:59

    Sónar by Night - SonarClub %100 Music

Beneath the innervisions

Two friends meet outside Karlsruhe, in Schwarzwald. One is an explorer of galaxies far away, the other a composer of fragments. Together they create a joie de vivre, arranging and deconstructing their creations, their own formations. Beneath their feet, a stone world rests against the living world, touching rivers, mountains, forest floors and the first foot trails between Schwarzwald, Vosges Mountains and Naturpark Pfälzerwald.

Ȃme, consisting of the duo of Kristian Beyer and Frank Wiedemann, has constantly turned their route to the future since they started their production in 2001, and embraced the innovations of electronic music and included them in its tracks. Refusing to step back from the leading-edge or compromise on their exacting standards, Âme remain at the forefront of electronic music.

The duo, which strengthens the bond of electronic and hosue music with the world-famous electronic music company Innervisions, a result of their collaboration with Dixon, promises an unforgettable night to those who fill the dance floor at Sónar Istanbul 2022!
Few artists walk the line between past and future as well as Dixon. As a DJ, he cuts a striking figure behind decks, rising from Berlin beginnings among the original pioneers of electronic music. Over a career, he has evolved his sound into something visionary, running renowned record label Innervisions with Frank Wiedemann and Kristian Radle of Ȃme.

German DJ Steffen Berkhann, known as Dixon, allows us to go on completely different journeys in our minds by interpreting house and techno music in a unique way. Dixon, who has transformed his music in a visionary way under a great discipline throughout his career, continues his productions as if proving that he is a contemporary innovator.

Dixon is coming to the stage of Sónar Istanbul 2022 with Ȃme to present an unforgettable experience to those on the dance floor with his extraordinary music!