Sónar+D Istanbul

A/V: Blank Wall Season wiith Ömer Özçelik + Ahmed Bektaş

  • Saturday 19 23:00 - 23:45

    Sónar by Night - SonarScreen

Blank Wall Season is an experimental music project by Kaan Işık. He is a composer and sound editor based in İstanbul who explores the relation between new aesthetics and aspects of hearing. His sets, blend acousmatic elements with complex textures. He has worked with art galleries and clubs in İstanbul, Berlin and Ankara.

Ömer Özcelik and Ahmed Bektaş, the visual artist duo based in Istanbul, continue their work mostly in the fields of abstract, conceptual and new media arts. The duo likes to use different techniques together in their artistic works by producing with traditional methods as well as not staying away from today’s production practices.