Sónar+D Istanbul

a/v: Algorave İstanbul Emrexdeger w Lara Yılanacıoğlu


  • Friday 18 22:30 - 22:45

    Sónar by Night - SonarScreen

Emre Değer
Emre Değer, who is a music producer and also a sound engineer. After completing his high school education in Tekirdağ, he won the Business Administration Department of Istanbul University in 1999 and settled in Istanbul. He started his postgraduate studies in Sound Engineering and Design at Istanbul Technical University Center for Advanced Studies in Music (MIAM) in 2004. He finished his master's degree in 2006 and started to work as a research assistant at Istanbul Bilgi University Music Department in the same year. He started to be interested in live coding and algorithmic composition in 2017 and continues to work in the same fields today.

Lara Yılancıoğlu
Born in Istanbul in 1989, Lara Yılancıoğlu graduated from Marmara GSF Cinema-TV Department. She started her field of work with video editing, and by trying to use different disciplines in the field of collage, she continues by adding live coding technique to her experimental works where improvisation and fictional fields are carried out together.