Open Call for Sónar+D Istanbul 2021


It's time for Sónar Istanbul's Creativity and Technology Platform, Sónar+D's annual Open Call! We are very excited to hear about you and your ideas. You can find the essential details in the rest of the mail and contact us by answering our call regarding the projects you want to share.
What is Sónar+D?

Today, ideas, languages, and tools from new creative communities have a profound impact on creative industries and art in general, way beyond our imagination. From technological innovations to business and social change, all industries and sectors are changing with the creators' capacity to inspire and discover new worlds. Sónar+D is an international convention that aims to discover how creative minds change our present and imagine new futures, in collaboration with researchers, innovators and business leaders from all kinds of industries.
Sónar+D offers professionals and interested parties a unique, inspirational, open and comfortable environment for discovering groundbreaking entities, finding new opportunities, acquiring new skills, meeting people and exhibiting their initiatives. The day-long event will include speeches, demos, workshops, installations, three-dimensional experiences, one-on-one mentoring, community gatherings and so much more.
Conditions of participating in Sónar+D:
Work: Live A.V Performance
Duration:  (Minimum 7 - Max 15 Minutes)
Venue/Platform: SonarScreen – Zorlu PSM (Manual)
Last Day: September 27th 
You can send a 30-second demo of your work to .

Important Note: Sónar+D meets simple infrastructural needs such as electricity, space, table, chair and seating area to showcase your projects. Please make sure that you provide all the necessary technical and display tools to showcase your project.