General questions

Is there a minimum age requirement for ticket sales?
All attendees are required to purchase a full price ticket regardless of age.

Will there be a Box Office at the Festival area which sells festival tickets?
Tickets may be purchased from the Box Offices during the Festival.

Can I lend my ticket to a friend or buy a ticket for him/her? How?
If you lend a ticket which was bought at the sales center to a friend, he/she can enter the venue after presenting it at the entrance. If the tickets will be collected from the venue by someone other than the cardholder or the person who purchased the tickets, this person(s) will need to call Biletix call center to notify this.

Are there names on the tickets?
The tickets that will be collected from the venue will be put in envelopes bearing the name of the person who purchased the tickets. The name of the ticket owner is written on the envelope.

Can I share my SonarPass with someone else?
SonarPass is personal; it cannot be shared with anyone else. There will be ID verification at the entrance for SonarPass.

What happens if I purchase a ticket from an unofficial seller?
Only tickets sold by our official sales centers are valid.

I did not receive an email confirmation. What should I do?
You may call Biletix Customer Service or Zorlu PSM Call Center. You may reach Zorlu PSM at +90 850 222 67 76 and info@zorlucenterpsm.com.

Can I get an invoice for the tickets?
The printed tickets you purchase are documents certified by the Finance Ministry and count as invoices. You may request your invoices for e-tickets from Biletix.

What should I do if I lose my ticket?
Zorlu PSM and the official sales centers are not responsible for lost tickets.

Can I exchange or cancel the ticket that I purchased?
Purchased tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded.

The Festival

How can I travel to the Festival area?
You may get the relevant information from the How to Get There" link on Sónar website.

What time does Sónar start?
You may check the program schedule from our website and social media channels.

Is entrance to Sónar prohibited after a certain time?
Entry and re-entry to the venue is allowed until the end of the last program during the festival.

How can I apply to perform or send a demo to the Festival?
You may send your demos, videos, and promo-kits to info@zorlupsm.com.

Can I find vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free food at the venue?
There will be food stands selling vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free food at the festival area.

Can I buy food?
There will be food stalls and bars/buffet serving food at various areas in the Festival.

Is there a cloakroom?
Our cloakrooms on floors B1 and B3 will be open.

Is there a Lost and Found booth? (Lost keys, cell phones, etc.)
You may contact the info desk located on floor B1.

How can I find my lost property after the Festival has ended?
You may inquire about lost items by calling +90 850 222 67 76.

Is there a First Aid station?
There will be a doctor and medical staff in the medical room located on floor B1.

Can I enter the area with food and beverages?
Please refrain from bringing outside food or drinks into the area.

Are there designated smoking areas?
Smoking is allowed in the designated open areas in the Main Entrance and Main Foyer.

Can I buy tobacco?
You may buy tobacco from the sales centers in the area.

Can I bring pets to the Festival area?
No pets are allowed in the area except for guide dogs.

Is there a disabled or special needs designated access to the area?
All entrances and areas are suitable for disabled access. If the Box Office is notified in advance, our operation unit will welcome you on your arrival.

Are there restrooms for the disabled?
There are disabled restrooms located on every floor in the Festival area.

Can I find security personnel in case I need them?
Security and crew members may easily be reached in the Festival area.

Can I freely enter and re-enter the areas?
You may enter and exit the areas after you have put on your Festival bracelet.

Are there any job opportunities at the Festival?
You may send an email to info@inkaik.com to apply for job opportunities at the Festival.

Where can I get the Festival program?
You may find the Festival program at the Festival area and on the Festival website.

Is there a map that shows where activities are located at the Festival?
You may find the Festival map at the Festival area and on the Festival website.

Is there a program brochure?
You can obtain the festival brochure at the Festival area.

Where can I buy tickets?
You may buy tickets at the Box Offices of Zorlu PSM and Biletix as well as the website.

Where is the nearest parking lot to the Festival area?
You may use the parking lot of Zorlu Center.

Who can I contact if I have questions or suggestions?
You can contact Zorlu PSM at 0850 2226776 and press.Sónar@zorlupsm.com.

I am a member of the press; who should I contact regarding my questions?
You can submit your message to Pro Communications, the communication agency of Zorlu PSM, before the Festival at (psm@proiletisim.com) (0 2122922580) or press.sonar@zorlupsm.com. During the Festival, you can get information from the Press Stand which will be located at the Zorlu PSM Foyer area.