Sónar+D Istanbul

Ljos By Fuse


  • Sunday 03 18:15 - 18:45


LJOS, the predecessor of the highly popular live media performance D.Ö.K.K, will be at Sónar Istanbul!

Ljós (Icelandic for ‘light’) has been conceived in continuity with the research carried out by fuse* in the field of digital and performative arts, which explores the deep connection between light, space, sound and movement. In Ljós, the performer is the means that allows the viewer to access a surreal and dreamlike space, a dimension with no gravity nor time, made by sounds and images reacting and interacting in real time. A shape-changing universe, which evolves from amniotic fluid in the beginning - protecting and supporting the performer - to the setting for violent explosions and transformations later - leading her to a direct contact with ground and Earth.

In Ljós, the movements of the performer echo throughout the space, moving lines, 3dimensional grids and masses of particles lost in the obscurity.

Praised for its capability to lead the viewer into imaginary and remarkable worlds, Ljós aims at connecting digital and real. This is made possible by a software which modifies in real time all scenic elements accompanying the interpretation by performer Elena Annovi. fuse* came to this result after a long period of research, experimentation and rehearsing, an extensive effort necessary for producing a truly immersive experience, strictly in real time.

Production: fuse*
Direction, Executive Production: Mattia Carretti, Luca Camellini
Software Supervisor: Luca Camellini
Software Development: Paolo Bonacini
IT Development: Luca Camellini, Matteo Mestucci
Sound Design: Riccardo Bazzoni
Dancer and Choreographer: Elena Annovi
Production Management: Filippo Aldovini