Acid Arab 'Climats' Live ft Raphaelle Macaron


  • Sunday 03 19:30 - 20:45

    SonarClub by %100 Music

More than just DJ's and producers Acid Arab are a genre to themselves; after all, few groups have a name that sums up their sound so perfectly. Taking techno, electro and the 303 “acid” basslines of Chicago house and blending them expertly with the rich sounds and music of North Africa and the Middle East, Hervé Caravalho and Guido Minisky have not only changed the sound of clubbing in their native Paris but have paved the way for artists from the orient to follow them.

Starting with the compilation “Acid Arab Collections” and following with the Djazirat El Maghreb EP and full length “Musique de France”, the duo have showcased the work of the region's finest vocalists and musicians such as Kenzi Bourras, Rizan Said, Sofiane Saidi and Rachid Taha.

Acid Arab will be at SonarClub with their brand-new show. Entitled ‘Climats’ (a word which, in French, not only means ‘climate’ but also ‘atmosphere’), the show will be illustrated by projected live drawings made by French-Lebanese illustrator Raphaëlle Macaron. This original blend of live ambient performance, deejaying and instantly created visuals makes for a uniquely enjoyable experience, a show perfectly suitable to the current context and conditions.