What is Sónar+D?


Creativity is one of the main forces transforming reality in the 21st century. Focusing on creativity and technology, Digi.logue is the main sponsor of Sonar+D, which feeds creativity with technology and deals with cultural interaction, as part of Sonar, one of the world’s most important platforms.

Today, the ideas, languages and tools coming from the new creative communities are having a deep impact beyond the limits of creative industries and the arts. From technological innovation to business to social change, all industries and sectors are being transformed by the capacity of creators to inspire and explore new worlds.

Sónar+D is an international congress exploring how creative minds are changing our present and imagining new futures, in collaboration with researchers, innovators and business leaders from all sectors and industries.

For professionals and enthusiasts, Sónar+D is a unique and inspirational environment, open and relaxed, where to discover groundbreaking new work and find opportunities, learn new skills, network and showcase their initiatives. Two very intense days of talks, demos and workshops, tech shows and exhibitions, immersive experiences, one on one mentoring and community meetups, and much more.



AI Aesthetics: Kenric McDowell (Head Of  Artists + Machine Intelligence Program At Google Research), Dr Lev Manovich (Cultural Analytics Lab Founder & Director), Ben Vickers (Serpentine Galleries, CTO)

Art and Science by Evelina Domnitch (Artist/Researcher/Lecturer), Dmitry Gelfand (Artist/Researcher), Olof van Winden (Todays Art Festival Founder)

Technology & Social Impact by Red Bull Amaphiko & Impact Hub



Humanity's Most Serious Challenge by Jay Tuck (US Defence Expert/Journalist/Tv Producer For Understanding Tomorrow)

City Everywhere: A Storytelling Tour Through the Landscapes of Technology by Liam Young (Founder Of Tomorrows Thoughts Today Explores The Possibilities Of Fantastic, Perverse And Imaginary Urbanisms)

The Magic Factory Of Rhizomatiks By Daito Manabe



Live Sonic Levitation Experiment Performance By Evelina Domnitch & Dmitry Gelfand



Red Bull Amaphiko Storytelling Workshop