Zero Sum (AV)


  • Friday 06 22:00 - 22:15

    Sónar by Night - SonarScreen

Memorabilia is a performance duo, seeking multisensory experiences of transitional phases and zones whose limits and scope are ambiguous. The practice of Memorabilia wanders in altered and blurred boundaries of sound and image, their transcultural hybridity and digital fluidity, or within the multisensory experience of their coupling.
“The place we inhabit is a place of heightened sensitivity, of undirected experimentation, and of new transformative zones.
We perform our pieces interchangeably, where no clear performer is responsible for no clear parts or acts.
Never repeating itself in its essence, with no plans or thoughts of its existence, our work flows in the moment of becoming.”


Ali Bozkurt (b. 1992) - creative programming (audio & visual), composition, performance
Alptuğ Çavuş (b. 1993) - composition, instrumentation, synthesizer programming, performance