The Skin By Re:Sole


  • Friday 06 23:15 - 00:15

    Sónar by Night - SonarHall

 "100 million light-years out, as we approach the limited edition we passed to start back home" ( Powers of Ten )
‘ the skin’ knows the boundaries of the layers we are making us. The fluidity of our lives is on the verge of different scales. It shows the shapes we take on scales that affect our lives. It starts with a smile, goes through the movements that continue our energy flow and goes to the neighborhoods that shape our lives. Rename the concept of skin we cover. It establishes a link between the microscopic dimension and the scale of the city by mentioning how ‘skin refers to how we can lay themselves as the vegetation of their own soil, which makes us the boundaries of the layers that make us. Cities, streets where we live, fields we visit, roads, plains; they are our social, economic skins. Our perception is covered in an urban scale.
RE.sole; it establishes its own way of architectural perception, its existence in its own mental world, in other scales. What makes us, melts the element, from our habitat to a cell, from evolution to our city, from our family to our customs. In this project, artists living in Ankara unite their cosmic civilizations in an intermittent way in which they wander.
Understanding scale, or as the Eameses said, “the effect of adding another zero,” has the power to make us better scholars and better citizens.
RE.sole 2019