Sónar+D Istanbul

Sónar+D VR: Post-cube VR Gallery by Karma Lab


  • Saturday 07 10:00 - 19:00

    Sónar by Day - Lounge+D by Digilogue

Post-cube virtual art gallery consists of artists’ work that question the limitations of physical spaces and by creating with the excitement of producing art beyond a physical space and time. New formal forms and presentations are produced in virtual reality as well as the exhibition space is created specifically for exhibiting virtual artworks. One of the most important revelations in this environment is the expansion of boundaries of the artists expression by breaking the perception of reality. The project is shaped by the unity of artists during the project process in this free, borderless area. Currently the work of five artists are exhibited in the gallery.

Project team: Eda Sütunç, Murat Yazar, Melike Günaydın, Derya Aydoğan, Buğra Çiçek, Michael Barngrover